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Here at ARTUZ we provide you world class fitting mechanism, which makes your work easy creating Extra space for your belongings and best mechanism sliding door and wardrobe. We will help you making a confident decision with process from selecting the best mechanism and executing it. Artuz is the leading manufacturer of sliding wardrobe doors, windows, and bathroom mechanisms with handles and bathroom accessories.

Artuz provides fittings for top running sliding doors create elegant frontage solutions. In the bedroom and living room, sliding doors make the most of storage space.

Unobstructed access, doors do not intrude into the room when they are open. Moving easily and quietly, doors close gently with Silent System. And all this for an incredible breadth of applications and furniture ranges: user friendliness as a fascinatingly new experience with a feel of luxury

Advantages of going with us
  • You can customise as you want
  • Organised with variety of mechanism